Injury Prevention Trainings and Presentations

Training and presentations are provided by Dr. Greg Schroeder, PT Board Certified Physical Therapist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

Trainings provided are listed below. In addition to the following, we can customize injury prevention trainings to fit the specific needs of our clients. We work collaboratively with each organization to identify goals and objectives to facilitate trainings sessions that cultivate a shared direction among participants.

Management Team Ergonomics Training

This training teaches managers and supervisors the wide scope of strategies for reducing Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorder (WRMSD) claims and costs. This training presents the technology and politics of claims prevention, builds attitudes, skills and commitment needed by management to prevent WRMSD. After this training management will be in-house experts in preventing WRMSD claims and costs.

Ergo/Safety Team Training

We teach safety/ergonomics team members skills related to identification of risk factors and potential corrective recommendations. Provides tools that may be utilized as a regular ergonomics review process and/or in conjunction with accident investigation processes.

Employee WORKSMART Motivation Training

Teaches workers that they are INDUSTRIAL ATHLETES and as such they must take responsibility for the working body. We teach workers self-protection tactics, which emphasize fatigue-avoidance tactics, personal ergonomics and self-care responsibility. Special care is taken to avoid discussion of specific diseases such as Carpal tunnel syndrome, rather the focus is fatigue-avoidance.

Stretching Program/ Training

Trains employees on the proper technique for performing all stretching exercises designed specifically for the physical demands of the job.

Teaches workers about the significance for actively stretching various muscles throughout the day and how it relates to reducing the risk of injury. It also impresses the importance for employees to be responsible for taking care of their working bodies for their job, their family and themselves.

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