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First Aid Program

Our First Aid Program is designed to provide an innovative management approach for employers to manage their work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD).  Onsite therapy programs are becoming common with larger employers where they contract with therapist to work onsite and triage workers with WRMSD.  The goal is for the therapist to provide treatment that addresses the injury early and adequately without opening a Workers Compensation claim and reducing costs.  At our clinic, Back @ Work Physical Therapy, we have modified this approach and provide a similar first aid program for small businesses.

How it works:

In the event of an injury, the employer sends the injured worker to the clinic for a first aid visit.  The therapist will triage the employee to determine the severity of the injury and determine whether it may respond to first aid intervention as defined by OSHA.  The injured employee can be treated at the clinic 1-3 times under first aid guidelines.  If they do not respond to first aid interventions and or the severity of the injury requires physician involvement the employee is then referred to the occupational medicine clinic.   This process provides direct and immediate access to a clinic while helping employers reduce claims and associated costs.





  1. Early and immediate intervention access to a Board Certified Therapist and Clinic to see employees with WRMSD.
  2. Direct communication on the status of the injured employee.




  1. Cost of physician visits to employers.
  2. OSHA recordable injuries and related costs.
  3. Medical insurance claims and tedious paperwork for work-related injuries.



  1. A cost-effective way for small business to manage work-related WRMSD.
  2. Option for small employers to have first aid program as an option in WRMSD cases.
  3. Value of Physical Therapy as a first line option for managing WRMSD.




  1. Communication between our clinic, employers, and employees in managing MSD cases.
  2. The flexibility of clinics to provide quick and cost-effective alternatives for WRMSD.
  3. The quality of care for employees.

The Facts

Through our first aid program, 80% of the cases seen are resolved under first aid level management.  Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) account for 50% of work injuries and 66% of related costs.  Small businesses make up a vast majority of employers employing the majority of people in the United States.  Many small businesses are in industries with high risk for MSD and typically do not have access or resources to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD).  An MSD has the potential of turning into a very expensive worker compensation claim creating a strain on the small businesses finances through increased insurance premiums.


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