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Employee Wellness Programs And Ergonomic Solutions

Pain problems of the neck, arms and lower back are very common in today’s workplace and have the potential for becoming serious medical conditions. These types of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) account for a third of all Worker Compensation claims. The good news is that these problems can be avoided by implementing proven ergonomic strategies.

Reducing operator discomfort and fatigue by implementing engineering and administrative changes suggested through an Ergonomic Analysis can significantly reduce the risk and severity of musculoskeletal injuries, help maximize worker productivity and reduce insurance costs for employers.

Ergonomic Risk Analysis

Our ergonomic risk analysis is a comprehensive analysis of the behaviors and conditions in the workplace that may lead to the development of work-related MSD.

Examples of Musculoskeletal Disorders are:

  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •  Tendinitis
  •  Rotator cuff injuries (a shoulder problem)
  •  Epincondylitis (an elbow problem)
  •  Trigger finger
  •  Muscle strains and low back injuries

Cost Associated with MSD

Employers are paying more than $15 billion a year in workers’ compensation costs for MSD related injuries and the costs associated with them.

Analysis Process

A certified ergonomic specialist provides a comprehensive analysis, identifying and assessing a wide range of ergonomic problems in the designated work environment and/or employee workstation(s).

A specialized Ergo Analysis Tool provides specific information on the ergonomics risk factors of force, repetition and work posture.

The ergonomic-related risks are categorized into ergonomic-related risk levels:

  •  High risk
  •  Moderate risk
  •  Low risk
  •  Essentially no risk


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