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Common Questions


What is Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy is the profession of choice for the conservative management of muscle, joint and nerve injuries. Physical Therapists help when you want to improve your mobility, avoid surgery and/or manage your pain without prescription medications.
How much will my Treatments cost?
This depends on your insurance coverage. If you’d like, we can help you get an idea how much you will have to pay out of pocket for the treatments. If you don’t have insurance we have a very generous cash pay rate of $100 for the initial evaluation and treatment and $75 for each treatment session after the first.
Can I complete my paperwork prior to coming to my first appointment?
Yes. Here are the forms you need to complete. Feel free to print them, complete them and bring them with you to your appointment. This will reduce the amount of time you will need to spend at your first appointment.
What Should I Expect on My First Visit to [email protected] Physical Therapy?

On your first visit to our clinic you will spend 15 to 20 minutes completing paperwork so we can collect information about you and your pain. In particular, we want to find how your pain effects your ability to function in your daily life. During this intake process you will complete an electronic survey that allows us to compare you to thousands of other patients with your similar problem, age and gender. This will allow us to make more accurate recommendations and predictions regarding how you’ll benefit from Physical Therapy. After completing your paperwork you will be seen by the Physical Therapist for an in-depth evaluation. He will spend 20-30 minutes with you during the evaluation to further understand your pain and what effect activity has on it. This is followed by an comprehensive physical examination that looks at your posture, range of motion, strength, joint mobility, sensation and reflexes. A plan of care will be designed with your input and your goals in mind.

How Many Treatments will I need?
Ultimately the number of treatments you will need depend on a number of factors including: 1) the number your physician ordered, 2) how many your insurance will pay for, 3) the type of problem you have, 4) how long you have had the problem, and 5) your goals. On your first visit you will complete a computerized questionnaire that will ask questions that help us predict how many visits you will need over how long of a period. Typically we average 8.5 visits per case (which is 30-40% less visits than the national average).
Can you bill my insurance?

Yes. As a courtesy to you we will bill your insurance. We are preferred providers for most of the major insurances companies in Utah. Below is a list of the insurance companies we work with or give us a call and we will call your insurance company and check your benefits. 

  •  Arches
  •  Wise Network
  •  Altius
  •  Blue Cross Blue Shield
  •  Cigna
  •  United Healthcare
  •  Medicare
  •  Medicaid
  • Tricare/Triwest/Tricare Prime
  •  Optum
  •  Medrisk
  •  DMBA
  •  Educators Mutual
  •  Humana
  •  PEHP Advantage
  •  Workers Compensation
  •  Automobile Insurance

Self pay: $100 for the first visit, $75 each visit thereafter

What should I wear to my appointments?
We recommend you wear loose fitting clothing that you could exercise in and comfortable shoes.


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